KT Tape was established in America in 2008 with the goal of giving athletes the opportunity to train longer and achieve better results. The essence of the newly created brand was to offer consumers a choice of chemically free painkillers and trauma treatments. The first product to come out was kinesio tape or kinesiological tape.

KT Tape designs, develops and sells a range of kinesio tapes for a variety of purposes, including KT Tape (cotton) kinesio tape and KT Tape Pro (synthetic) kinesio tape, all designed to relieve pain and improve functionality. The portfolio also includes products from the KT Perfomance and KT Recovery series that contribute to results and recovery.

New products

The entire KT Tape product portfolio is available in our office, so we can serve our customers quickly and professionally. We have been working with our American colleagues since 2012, which gives us the best possible knowledge and experience.

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