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Medical information

Kinesiological Tape (KT Tape) is an air-permeable, waterproof, long-lasting elastic band used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, trainers and many other medical and health care professionals for many different uses.

The application area of kinesiological tape is very broad. Among other things, it is used:

KT Tape Pro is designed for users who have raised expectations to kinesiological tape. KT Tape Pro offers better results and is superior in quality because there is 20% more tape available on one roller with a strong adhesive. KT Tape Pro is also characterized by the advanced Step Frequency (SF) technology, i.e. adhesive which is 25% stronger than conventional adhesive, thus providing more support and durability, even in the water.

KT Tape can be used similarly to both the white sports tape and the McConnell taping techniques, putting it partly or fully on the desired area. In addition, the tape also features other additional qualities and benefits. Due to the characteristics of the KT Tape, the opportunities for its use are more diverse and the durability is higher than at conventional sports tapes.

Unlike tapes that need to be cut or tapes of limited use, the pre-cut KT Tape strips save the physician’s time and money and in no way limit the scope of your movements. 25 cm long tape strips are easy to tear from the roller and comfortable for use. According to doctors, pre-cut strips are used in 90% of clinical cases and patients believe that they are more convenient to wear.

The method of kinesiological taping has been used in Asia, America and Europe for almost four decades, although in the United States it became popular only at the end of the 1990s. KT Tape achieved its worldwide reputation at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.