Kinesiology what?

KT TAPE is an abbreviation for Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. It is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance. KT TAPE is pre-cut so that it is fast and easy to apply. Just tear off a strip and apply it to the injured area. KT TAPE provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries.

What’s in the Box?

  • 20 precut strips attached together in a 16′ roll
  • Precut strips are ready to apply out of the box- NO CUTTING REQUIRED
  • Enough tape for approx. 10-20 applications per roll
  • Generally lasts approx. 40-60 days based on usage
  • KT Tape can be worn in the pool or shower without coming off
  • Includes step by step instructions on how to apply the tape
  • Available colors: black, blue, pink, beige, red and green.

Recommended storage instructions

To maintain optimal performance, KT TAPE should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures (above 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and or high humidity (above 65%). Best performance if used within 1 year of purchase.

Is there a difference between colors?

There is NO difference between the colors- the colors are purely cosmetic. The adhesive is the same strength and it does not matter which color you use when applying. The reason we use more than one color in the instructions is to make it easy for people to see when there is more than one strip of tape.

Should I wear it before a race or excercise?

If you have a known condition or if you need a little extra stability & support it’s always best to tape up before exercise as a preventative measure.

How long will KT Tape stay on?

KT Tape will stay on for multiple days at a time. We recommend that you do not wear it for more than 5 days. Generally, the length of time it lasts depends on where the tape is applied. For example, when applying to a knee or foot which is naturally a harsh environment for tape, the tape will generally stay on for 2-3 days. For applications such as shoulders or back the tape will last much longer.

Will a 25 cm strip work for every application?

10″ strips are used in approximately 90% of clinical applications. Most healthcare professionals rarely use longer lengths. Occasionally a shorter strip is needed. Cutting a 10″ strip in half meets these needs nicely.

Can I hurt myself if I apply it incorrectly?

Unlike some other sports injury related products (especially medications) it is hard to screw yourself up with KT Tape. Chances are the worst you will do by miss applying the product is it will do no help or harm.

Does KT Tape help with stress fractures?

KT Tape is not a good solution for stress fractures. Seek medical attention if the tape does not provide immediate relief as it may be an indication of something serious like a fracture.

Do I need to shave before applying the tape?

In most cases it is not necessary to shave the skin before applying KT Tape. In fact in many instances some short hair actually can help with the adhesion as well as effectiveness of the product. If needed, we recommend trimming the hair to about 1/8″ rather than shaving it.


YES! Healthcare professionals have been teaching patients how to apply the tape themselves for years. It’s very easy and generally only takes a couple tries to get comfortable taping yourself. Any of the lower extremity applications (knees, shins, Achilles tendonitis, plantar, ITBS) can be applied by yourself easily. You will need someone to help apply the neck, back, and shoulder apps.


Pull the tape off in the same direction as the hair; applying baby oil will help dissolve the adhesive for easy removal.

HOW DO I APPLY KT TAPE FOR ACHES/PAINS NOT LISTED ON INSTRUCTIONS PAGE? Here are a few simple “rules of thumb” on how to apply KT Tape that will help in applying regardless of where the pain/injury is located: – Body position: the tissue or body should almost always be stretched before applying the tape. – Tape placement: KT Tape is always applied directly over the area of pain. – Stretch of tape: Apply the tape without any stretching when you want to lift the skin from the tissue (muscle pain relief, prevent cramping, and prevent muscle fatigue applications). The more you stretch the tape the more it will support. If you need extra stability or support for a muscle, joint, tendon (for example shin splints) then increase the amount you stretch the tape.

Can I wear KT Tape under compression socks?


Can I wear KT Tape under a brace?