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KT Tape is made to stay well and be gentle on the skin. When properly applied and used, KT Tape will last for 2 to 7 days – depending on the application that has been taped. Tape strips placed on the feet stay on for 2 + days while for larger muscle group applications 5 + days. Follow the instructions below to make sure you get good stability.

  1. Skin Preparation – Clean the area you want to tape for example by rubbing with alcohol. By doing so, you can ensure that your skin is clean and nice and that it is neither oiled nor creamy. Shave as necessary and dry.
  2. When you cut the tape, be sure not to leave sharp corners but cut it round. If you have purchased a PRECUT tape, it has pre-cut strips and rounded corners, but also make sure that when you have to cut, the round corners will remain.
  3. The skin must be stretched when you attach the tape. We know that some videos do not see it clearly (yet), but be sure the skin is stretched on the taped area.
  4. The ends of the tape must not be stretched! We put an exclamation mark because even those of us who are engaged in taping for a long time forget about it. First and last 4 cm take the tape tension and loosen the tape, pull the breath once and put it on the skin. The tape is already on paper at 10% tension, which means that it is sufficient for stretching tape ends.
  5. Tape massage. Before letting the skin loosen rub the tape energetically to create the heat that activates the glue. When the tape starts to open in the corners, there is a chance that you did not follow the fourth point or the entire tape is placed too tight.
  6. Install the tape at least half an hour before active physical activity, the optimal time is 1 hour.